3D Artist Modelers and Texture artists
    Brainocate is looking to hire experienced 3D Artists. If hired your position will require you to create video game assets such as low and high poly modles for games, createing photorealistic textures, which incude normal and light maps. if hired you will be required to use Brainocate's pipeline which include commercial and proprietary software and tools.


  • Must be able to produce 3d asset bassed on concept art, and meet strict dead lines .
  • Must be able to layout U.V efficiently in order to maximize texture space.
  • Must be able to paint relistic textures for 3D assets and environments, including difuse, light and normal maps.
  • Must have a good eye for detail and the skill to create texture images using a combination of photographs and digital painting.
  • Must be able to work closely with other artist and Shader writers within a team environment.
  • Previous experience creating photorealistic textures for organic and hard surface models is essential. Consideration will be taken for exceptional portfolio.

    Please send link with samples of realated work or portfolio.

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    Concept Artist
      Brainocate is looking to hire a talented Concept Artist who can create concepts for 3D and 2D video games. The ideal candidate should be motivated to communicate their innovative ideas in brainstorming sessions and sketch concepts on the fly to bring their solutions to life. Candidate will be responsible for creating original, 2D concept art in a fast paced and highly energized environment. Will work with 3D Modelers and other cross functional teams to execute against the Product Roadmap and accelerate product development cycle times. .


  • Must have strong digital illustration skills using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.
  • Must be able to create concepts for characters, environments and props in a consistent art style of current project.
  • Knowledge of environments, characters, weapons, vehicles, and props
  • Ability to develop and adapt to a range of art styles
  • Excellent draftsmanship.
  • Self-motivated, excellent communication skills, humble and a legendary team-player attitude.
  • Unyielding passion for games.
  • Please send link with samples of realated work or portfolio.

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    Web Developer
      Brainocate is looking to hire Web developers. If hired your position will require you to Build custom dynamic websites and web products from the ground up you will be Working alongside the design and product teams must be able to self manage and meet dead lines.


  • Must be a Strong Wordpress developer.
  • Must have experience in building custom Wordpress Themes, Plugins and Widgets .
  • Must have Expertise in building responsive and scalable sites for all platforms using Common Development tools (Git, etc)
  • Experience with object oriented analysis/design.
  • Expertis using Web 2.0 techniques along with a mix of other technologies is needed - PHP, XHTML, HTML 5, Javascript, CSS, jQuery.

    Please send link with samples of realated work or portfolio.

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    Game Programmer Junior to Expert.

      Brainocate is looking to hire 3D Game Programmer with Unity3D experience (Preferred C#) to help build next generation educational video games. Positions range from Junior to Expert. This position will require you to have frequent communication with the core team, as well as learn from others, and mentor those around you. You must display leadership in a professional manner with the ability to explain tech concepts to non developers such as "artist". You must be able to work in a team enviornment and display leadership qualities, as well as write clear and effective documentation on code. You must Immediately notify the team if there are risks found or problems that may arise. Can work independently if needed and requires minimal supervision.Ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing technologies.

      Must be a people person (no siting-in-the-corner code monkeys…unless you're that good and if so we will provide you with an endless amout of bananas, and be fearfull to make eye contact.)

    Technical Requirements/Skills

  • Computer science degree or relevant work experience.
  • 3+ years in 3D development with at least two projects that shipped.
  • 3+ years in C# development (our primary language)
  • Mobile experience a huge plus
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, XML, CSS, and html5
  • Knowledge of how to do unit testing
  • Experience with WCF web services and MS SQL Server

    Please send link with samples of realated work or portfolio.

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    Educational Consultant

      Brainocate is looking to hire an Educational Consultant to conduct educational assessments, which include:gathering pertinent educational information through record review and discussions with game testers, students and teachers; administering, scoring and interpreting standardized and informal achievement instruments; assessing academic strengths and weaknesses and observing the student's and teachers within a virtual setting. The Educational Consultant will work with interdisciplinary team members to develop and perfect educational tools for brainocate's platform. The Educational Consultant will be required to intervene when needed to give recommendations that are based on the results of educational assessments. The Educational Consultant will provides care coordination services by participating in feedback sessions with game testers, students and teachers and serving as a resource to parents, schools, agencies and the clinic evaluation team. The Educational Consultant will also provides time limited case management to give support in accessing community services and resources.


  • Master's Degree and PreK-12 teaching experience.
  • Experience administering, scoring and interpreting standardized educational assessments.
  • Possess a current teaching license with endorsement(s) in one or more areas of special education.

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    Event Cordinator

      Brainocate is looking to hire innovative, team-oriented individuals who enjoy working with kids, parents, teachers and adult students to build long term relationships in regards to an gamified education. The main focus of this position is to promote our educational platform, products and tools by developing and supporting field marketing programs. You will work closely with other Event Marketing Specialists, and corporate marketing and sales organizations to support sales activities  (shows, events, campaigns, etc) and utilize your marketing expertise to help develop and execute our programs that will increase demand and drive revenue.

    Primary Duties

  • Executes Marketing campaigns and Plans Events depending on expertise.
  • Works with appropriate clients to support campaigns.
  • Works with various corporate/field marketing managers to determine appropriate customized programs and strategies for various market segments.
  • Provides coordination and project management to ensure event success.
  • Once the management capacity is reached, may also attend these events as required. - Monitors use of existing sales tools and educational programs.
  • Provides input on requirements for additional tools.
  • Publicizes event and works with Account Development to raise awareness and drive high levels of attendance and participation by targeted audience.
  • Advises on new ideas to generate revenue for various clientele Requirements.
  • Desired Skills & Knowledge

  • 1-2 years experience or training in marketing or sales preferred, but willing to make exceptions for the right candidate
  • experience in customer service or other people-oriented fields desired
  • sales experience a plus
  • exceptional organizational and project management skills
  • exceptional communication skills
  • ability to work independently and within a team environment
  • desire to succeed

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