"Welcome to Brainocate Games!"

Education Made Fun!

   Thank you for taking an intest in our games. We are currently in production of six educational video games below is a list of our current pre-production projects. As you may know createing video games is no easy task, it takes a team of many skilled idividuals, who spend countless hours behind hot computer screens burning their reitnals away. Many video game developers create amzing master peices and get no recongnition besides the millions of dollars that go into their pockets, They are virtural unnoticed for their acomplishments. Lets hope it stayes that way "most of them are insain!". Their is one industry that works just as hard and makes a fraction of what they diserve, They are todays treachers. Where would we be if we did not have teachers? We depend on them to teach us the past and we are desprate for them to teach us the knowlege to venture forward in to the future!

    The fearless team here at brainocate are well aware of our teachers strugle, long hours low pay and insufficient resources, the class rooms are geting biger and bigger. What are we to do when we can no longer afford to teach our students "LETS PLAY VIDE0 GAMES!" The brainocate team is currently trying to revolutionize the teachers roll in the educational industry.We are giving teacher new and better tools so they can teach students in the masses. We hope to acoplish this tremendous task by setting teachers and students in a virtural environment. We aslo reconnize that video games is not a answer to all of the educational problems , they are just a tool that can be used efectively and distrubuted for free or low cost to the student.

    It is imposable to replace the benifits that comes along with face to face interaction from teachers to students. Unforutnatly todays teachers are in such high demand that student quality time suffers due to the large task of educating so many. Video games is new inovative way to educate and evaluate students skills and needs while giving teachers the precious one on one time they need to proporly educate students individualy.

    Below are sample invironments that we are curently developing which will cover a wide arange of topics such as math, history, language and much more. They are visual representation of what our educational enviornments will look like. We welcome all feed back thank you for you suport.
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